How SEO Competition Analysis Improves a Website’s Ranking?

Competitive analysis for indexing a website is the first level of structuring a strong SEO campaign. To create a win-win chance in the competition, you must observe your competitor’s technique of doing search engine optimization. For this, you need to make a note on your competitors’ keywords that are rankings, campaign contents, social and brand tags, and other digital marketing tactics. Facilitate your social media and content teams to work together better on promotion and communication.

SEO Competitive analysis is the basic building block for a strong SEO campaign. To beat the competition, you should keep your eyes on your competitor’s online work. Search Engine Optimization competitive analysis will show you the information about what your competitor is doing and how you can compete and beat those strategies in order to dominate their search engine rankings and to boost your brand’s growth.

3 Major reasons why competition analysis is essential for you

  • You can find the link opportunities available online to spread your online page or brand
  • You can find strategic advantages in the market to be more precise about the targeted audience
  • You can see where the competitors are doing well to learn the techniques

How to investigate your competitors via SEO?

  1. Find the target Keywords: The first step for you is to identify the targeting keywords of your competitors


  1. Perform a Content Analysis: Content is the king of SEO, Pages with high-quality content rank better in search engine results. In order to perform SEO to raise the ranking, you should keep in mind the few things, which are mentioned below-


  • Word Count & Readability: Long form SEO content tends to perform well in Google. For this, you can use the “keyword density tool” to find the word length of the website pages of your competitors.
  • Keyword Density & Relevance: Review the Meta tags of your competitors, are they using keywords in the title, description, header tag, and in the image.
  • Blog Articles of your competitors: Search what kind of blogs and articles your competitors are publishing and where they posting.


  1. Off-Site Elements

This includes multiple aspects of marketing to lift up the number of visitors. The method contains the search number of Backlinks and the referring domains, Links Authority, Anchor Text.

  1. Analyze the Website Design of the competitor’s page

Many organizations still have sites, which are not accessible on mobile, and even their designs are still outdated. However, such websites are still performing well on the search engines, and it is a great opportunity for you to win the fight with better web designs and perfect content strategy resulting in better SEO.

  1. Analyze Competitors Social Media activities:

You cannot deny the effect social media has on SEO.

  • Check their number of followers on the competitor’s page
  • Post Frequency
  • Engagement is required to beat your competitor’s page
  1. Compare on Google My Business Page:

Analyzing competition’s Google My Business page delivers more to local businesses. In this process, you are trying to find:

  • Is the competitor’s page refreshed or updated all the time?
  • Do their posts have engagement on the page?
  • Do they have pictures or videos to lure the customers?
  • How many reviews are there? Are they more than yours?
  • Are individuals following the competitor’s site pages?

In order to boost your SEO activities, you have to record your finding for each competitor and compare them to your site in each category. When you know all about your competition, you will be able to take apart their defensive activities and will be able to score a touchdown every time.